The success of portfolio management largely depends on such qualities as: commitment, consistency, analytical thinking, self-discipline, ambition, composure. But in addition to these personal and professional qualities, investor earnings are also dependent on his or her choice of portfolio size and risk profile. Our company is continuously moving forward, as we have traditionally emphasized the quality of our services.

Nitro Stock FX is exclusively focused on providing a suite of FX, Stocks and crypto currency portfolio management solutions to the valued individual as well as institutional investors. Our firm believes in identifying and delivering your financial goals through our devoted and customized financial solutions.

Our in-depth knowledge, innovative and world class process are sourced to objective, passion and ethical management standards. We want to emphasize that regardless of the type of portfolio, our firm will always be complying with the basic principles of successful dealings. Our portfolio management solutions include the following:


  • We classify our trading opportunities by risk-reward rating and identify forex, Stocks and crypto currency trading opportunities for each wealth management plan, based on the risk appetite and the spread
  • We typically start with 40% of your capital and increase it to a maximum of 60%, in order to avoid failures in meeting margin calls. This is because most of the losses incurred by wealth management professionals are statistically attributable to the inability to manage margin calls.
  • Based on the agreement with each customer, we either utilize our daily intraday trading tips, or take up short, medium and long-term positions based on the risk and the spread.
  • Every buy, hold and sell decision in the forex, stocks and crypto markets are supported by a series of rationale statements, backed by research. These include:
    • Market Analysis both technical and fundamentals– Our wealth management team compiles all the daily forex, stocks and crypto currency research pertaining to each decision and stores them for future reference. This research will be made available to the customers as a part of the reportage.
    • Decision Rationale – For each trading decision, our Portfolio Managers include an explanation in the form of a write-up or a set of documentation that directly explains the rationale behind the decision, leaving nothing to imagination
    • Risk-reward ratio – we use this as a discriminator for holding and profit booking calls during forex trading, as our primary goal is profit while safeguarding the capital of our customers