Real Estate

Nitro Stock FX Real Estate is today among the top leaders in Real Estate. It has took over 7 years of hard work, strategic thinking and innovation to get to this stage. Nitro Stock FX Real Estate Investment defines itself by the projects and solutions offered to forward-thinking investors and occupiers. As the world and society evolve with technology and lifestyle changes, so do the buildings in which we live and do business. Nitro Stock FX Real Estate investment will be there to pioneer the real estate investment transformations that will shape your retirement goals.

Our Values

At Nitro Stock FX Real Estate Investment Department, our four core values guide our long-term strategy, our recruitment policy, and how we approach day-to-day work. We believe these core values are essential to succeeding in our mission to pioneer the real estate investment transformations that will shape your retirement goals.

Innovation - being creative and proactive in the solutions provided to clients:

Our ambition is to use new working practices and digitization to provide clients with the best solutions for an ever-evolving world. This translates into a deep commitment to working closely with innovation partners and incorporating Open Innovation processes into our work culture. As part of our vision and strategy for real estate, we constantly strive to anticipate new innovative solutions and technologies for our clients.

Proximity - understanding the specific characteristics of each market in order to tailor our approach and our services:

Real estate strategies may be increasingly global, but solutions remain local. Our 5,000* real estate professionals in 70 different countries are committed to providing clients with local real estate investment based on their deep understanding of market needs and access to all investment procedures.

Expertise - making the right choices and creating value in every aspect of real estate Investment:

Nitro Stock FX Real Estate is committed to developing and delivering the highest level of expertise across its full range of services to best manage the lifecycle of real estate projects. Our commitment to expertise has one simple end goal: delivering clients the highest quality bespoke solutions that best respond to their financial needs.

Responsibility - carrying out our activities in line with our values and sharing them with clients

Nitro Stock FX Real Estate Investment, we are interested in assets management but also creating meaningful, long-term relationships with our clients. We value the trust clients have in us, and are committed to upholding this trust. We strive to implement the highest ethical standards and comply with the strictest international building and environmental codes. We believe that the buildings of the future create sustainable cities, thereby promoting economic, environmental, social and civic wellbeing.

Compliance and Ethics

Nitro Stock FX Real Estate is committed to conducting business in compliance with laws and regulations and in accordance with the highest principles of ethics. Doing so enables us to maintain our reputation for honesty, quality and integrity. Complying with laws and regulations is an essential requirement for all Nitro Stock FX Real Estate employees and a fundamental part of who we are.

Ensuring Financial Security

Our compliance procedures to ensure financial security are extremely important to our operations and are intended to protect against money laundering, prevent corruption and the financing of terrorism, and to comply with ever evolving financial requirements.

Putting client interests first - everydayeveryday

At Nitro Stock FX Real Estate, we aim to always put clients at the center of our concerns. We constantly strive to serve our clients’ best interests with due diligence, fairness, neutrality and discretion, and within the framework of laws and regulations. Protecting our clients is indeed our fundamental duty, and is essential for maintaining client trust. We are committed to providing products and services that best suit our clients, ensuring transparency, preventing and managing conflicts of interest, and respecting the professional secrecy and confidentiality of clients.

Every day we strive to implement the following key principles to ensure all our client interests are protected:

  • Providing appropriate solutions Provide clients with products and services that best meet their needs
  • Giving fair and clear information Provide fair and clear information to all our clients
  • Ensuring Transparency Being transparent about product features, costs, and risks
  • Resolving complaints quickly Dealing with client complaints in a timely manner
  • Complying with local requirements Complying with all local laws and regulations.

Our vision for the Real Estate of tomorrow

Tomorrow’s real estate is being shaped today. We can already see how urban centers are being transformed by more services with more digital integration, and more mixed-use spaces. Nitro Stock FX Real Estate believes such changes represent challenges but also huge opportunities that can be used to our clients’ benefit. We are committed to using innovation to anticipate and understand the city of tomorrow so that we can pioneer solutions that respond to the evolving needs of our clients, from investors and occupiers, to individuals and institutions.